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ClaimsNet Clearinghouse

ClaimsNET clearinghouse provides seamless integration with Papyrus Medical Practice Management System for electronic claim submission and payment reconciliation.  ClaimsNET is a web-based solution that utilizes the current standard format X12 (837) (Healthcare Claim Professional 005010X22A1) for claims submission.

Electronic Transmission

Electronic transmission to thousands of commercial payers such as Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross

Simple Uploading

Avoid confustion and save time with our simple to use file uploader

Other Features Include:

  • Error reporting
  • Claims Status Tracking
  • Remittance advice back from insurance companies
  • Paper claims for non-electronic payers
  • Always compliant with the transmission standards
  • Always HIPPA compliant
  • We will take data from your legacy system and convert it to the current standard


Papyrus Suite*

  • ClaimsNET Clearinghouse
  • Clicktate 5.0 EHR
  • Practice Management System


ClaimsNET Clearinghouse**

  • Unlimited Claims
  • Electronic Claim Submission & Tracking
  • Automated Remittance Reconciliation

*Prices quoted include technical support and are per provider per month for a typical small practice. Large practices or corporate clients should contact us for other pricing models.

**ClaimsNet stand alone pricing: Electronic claims $.35/claim; Paper claims $1/claim; $50/month minimum.

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